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1. Here are the Divi Essential basics of uploading the plugin to your website:

  • After you download the plugin’s zip file, you first go to your WordPress ‘Dashboard’
  • On the left side of your screen, you will see a list of settings in a column, move your cursor to ‘Plugins’
  • Go to ‘Add New’, and on this page, you will see ‘Add Plugin’, and right beside it you’ll find a button that says ‘Upload Plugin’, go ahead and click on that
  • Finally, select the (.zip) file that has the modules
  • When the plugin is uploaded successfully, you will need to ‘Activate the plugin

Here is the short video about how to install the Divi Essential plugin


Enjoy your Divi Essential Modules!

2. Where to find the Divi Essential Modules?

Once you have installed Divi Essential Plugin, just like any other Divi modules on your website, you will find our modules alongside the rest of the Divi modules that are available in the “Insert Module” window. you also like divi theme

3. Where to find the Demo/Section Block Layout?

To find the Demo/Section Block Layouts which are made with those 60+ modules, all you have to do is go to our Official website for Divi Essential www.diviessential.com, and there we have presented all of the modules available within the Divi Essential Plugin and clicked on each module will lead you to their design layout page.

On there you can view the layout and also will be able to download the layouts also.

Here is a short video about that.


You don’t need any separate login information for DiviEssential.com or DiviNext.com website to download those layouts.

(Just to let you know, without installing the Divi and Installing the plugin, those layouts won’t show on the visual builder and the front end.)

Divi Essential Key Features

  • Text Animation Module
  • 3D Flip Box Module
  • Flip Box Module
  • Review Module
  • Next Blurb Module
  • Logo Carousel Module
  • 3D Cube Slider Module
  • Coverflow Slider Module
  • Gallery Slider Module
  • Creative Team Module
  • Team Member Overlay Module
  • Team Overlay Card Module
  • Team Social Reveal Module
  • Next Person Module
  • Next Button Module
  • Next Dual Button Module
  • Price List Module
  • Rating Module

 4. How to Import Individual Demo Page Layouts?

After you downloaded the individual demo page layout from any page of DiviEssential.com. You need to import that through the visual builder. For importing individual demo layouts pages you don’t need to use the Divi library.

Here is a short video about how to import the individual demo page layouts.


5. How to Import Divi Library Layouts?

Here is a short tutorial on how to import Divi Library Layouts


  • Once you are on the demo page
  • Under each design layout, click the download option
  • After the download is complete, you can now import the layout
  • Go to the WordPress Dashboard
  • Click On Divi then Divi Library
  • Click on Import and Export button at the top of the page
  • Choose the JSON file/ design layout and click on Import Divi Builder Layouts
  • Then to use that library layout you just need to go to any visual builder and depending on the layout type need to add those by clicking on the “Add From Library” (for example section, row, module, etc.)
  • If you watch the above tiny video, it would be very helpful.

6. Design Doesn’t Look the Same on Both Backend & Frontend!

If somehow the design doesn’t look similar in both places. One of the reasons behind this could be a caching problem.

So try to remove/delete any types of cache files to see if it is resolved or not. Browser cache, Divi et-cache, WP-Rocket, and Divi Rockets server-wide caching could be the reason also.

Here is a tiny video about this.

How to activate License Key when bought from Elegant Themes Marketplace?

When purchased from Elegant Themes Marketplace, you don’t require a separate license key for any of the third-party plugins. All you need to do is just activate the Divi Theme license, that would be enough for updating – from then on, you will get an update notification.

To activate using the Divi Theme License:

Please go to the Dashboard > Divi > Theme Options > Updates – there you can activate the Divi Theme license.

7. What to do when the Visual Builder slows down?

If after activating the Divi Essential plugin, Divi Visual Builder takes time to load or shows a critical error, then it could be due to the PHP limits being low, such as the memory_limit.

To fix that, we need to increase the memory_limit and max_execution time on the server/cPanel

Here is a screenshot below:


As you know, the Divi Essential plugin has 63 modules. When you load the visual builder, it loads all those module codes within the visual builder, thus taking time within the visual builder.

And if you would like, you could disable modules that you don’t need on your project. In this way, there will be less pressure on the visual builder, and it will not load on the visual builder.

Here is another screenshot that shows where you can turn off specific modules:


If the same issue occurs again, feel free to contact us via our support email:


Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. We are always happy to help.

Full Documentation:


We are trying to add video tutorials for the documentation regularly which will be useful for Divi Essential plugin users. So stay tuned.


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